Flat rate furniture delivery

We offer furniture delivery to the most popular destinations in Australia at amazing flat rates:

Sydney metro $88

Melbourne metro $88

Brisbane metro $88

Wollongong and Newcastle metro $88

Canberra metro $88

Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast metro $176

Flat rate furniture delivery rates should be applied automatically to your shopping cart when placing your order. If you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Canberra metro areas and these flat rates are NOT automatically applied to your order, please call us immediately on 1300 (TBA) so that we can correct your order manually through our online ordering system. For more information about our flat rate furniture delivery services to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, please see our Flat Rate Delivery pages.

Auto-cost estimates for other areas

To estimate the delivery fee on items outside these cities follow these three simple steps:

1. Add the item to your cart
2. Select your state
3. Provide a postcode and click the “Estimate Delivery” button

It’s that simple, alternatively you’re welcome to call us on 1300 (TBA) to find out more or email (TBA)

Custom furniture delivery quotes

If you live in regional NSW, regional VIC, regional QLD, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania and areas of South Australia, we can arrange special delivery for you. Please give us a call on 1300 (TBA) or email (TBA) so we can help organise delivery of your online furniture order at the best possible price.

Free warehouse pick-up

Online furniture customers in the Sydney area may prefer to collect their purchase from our furniture warehouse(TBA). In the Melbourne area, free pickup is available from our furniture warehouse(TBA). Click here for more details about our free warehouse pick-up service.

Postage for smaller items

We can send small items, including most manchester items such as sheets, pillows and pillow cases, doona covers etc at a very low cost - usually around $10.


Any other questions about furniture delivery from Furnish, please phone 1300 (TBA) or email :(TBA). Thank you!